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Awards & Cups


We provide  • Plaques • Trophies • Corporate Awards • Acrylic Awards • Medals • Ribbons
along with custom in house Laser & Rotary engraving.

You could settle for an off-the-shelf award but wouldn't you rather have a unique customized award for your winning competitors? Whether you're running a pee wee soccer tournament or a sales competition we've got the prizes you need.

Motivate your team members or employees by recognizing their efforts and dedication with a beautiful, customized, award from Speedway Trophy Center & Clock Repair. You'll be surprised at how much more productive your team will become.

You may consider a Perpetual Plaque, in your office, to display all of your past winners of your Employee of the Month, Manager of the Year or Sales Person of the Quarter. People feel good when they see their name displayed for the past accomplishment. They feel appreciated by their employer when you show them you care.


Motivate everyone in your next competition with the promise of beautiful, custom engraved, plaques and prizes from Speedway Trophy Center & Clock Repair. You'll be surprised at how much more fun it is.


We use laser and rotary engraving on our trophies and plaques and on customer property. Laser engraving works best on wood and painted surfaces. Rotary engraving works best on brass & aluminum.   We do not do sublimation engraving.


Everybody loves a winner, and there's nothing like a physical award to add the thrill of competition to even the most mundane events. Call today to find out how we can help.


Get plaques and awards that stand out from the pack. At Speedway Trophy Center & Clock Repair you'll find finely crafted awards in all sizes and styles. Reward the success of your employees, or the community sports team, with a custom plaque or trophy.